Fireside Fancies of a Pipe Dreamer

So, what did I learn from playing Rickard Posten? Well, it’s funny because I wanted him to be real anti-social and kind of selfish, but for some reason that didn’t feel right when we started playing. Instead I started thinking, “What if this guy just really hates his job?” Because who doesn’t hate their job? He can still be crabby, but that made me see him more as a normal guy rather than some sociopath.

So his story turned out to be pretty crazy! I mean, all guy really wanted was to find a comfortable place in his job and he was doing his best, he really was. He just sort of found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people are just like that, kind of cursed and they can’t catch a break. The dice were certainly cursed for me!

The most frustrating part was when Delia escaped. As a player I’m thinking, “Oh god, this is such an obvious trap. Don’t fall for it!” But the dice weren’t working out for me and Posten had lousy people skills, so I guess it makes sense that he would have been suckered in. But that’s one of the hardest, yet most fun things, about role-playing. Trying to stay in character even when you, as the player, know something or would do something else.

So I’m bummed he got killed because I really don’t think he deserved it, but that was a great holy shit moment when I figured out Delia was a robot! Did NOT see that coming. I kinda wanted to see what would have happened had he turned her back in to the MPD, whether they would have let him back in or not, but he never got that chance. So even though he died it was a pretty awesome way to go, to get your ass kicked by a robot. I think Posten might have even appreciated the irony!