Barnum's Bazaar

Barnum's Bazaar is a retail establishment and brothel located in Concord, in the Western Reaches. Its proprietor is Barnum.



The Bazaar is located in the remains of a mansion found two miles west of the Juneau River at the center of the growing community of Concord, in the Western Reaches.


The mansion once belonged to a captain of the brewing industry and later became the possession of a historic preservation society. It sat empty for years, providing temporary housing for vagrants and passers through until Barnum cleared them out and claimed it as his own.

A successful scavenger, Barnum stockpiled his wares. He traded with anyone heading on the main highway into and out of Rivertown. What started as a one-man operation steadily grew as word began to spread. Currently is a full retail establishment specializing in weapons and ammunition among other items. In 2105, Barnum was approached by Honey Haverford with a proposal to start a brothel, which has increased the traffic to the Bazaar and has also increased their wealth.

The MPD knows of the Bazaar and do not condone guards traveling west of the river; however neither do they prohibit it. The MPD tolerates Barnum's wealth but they are closely monitoring the business' growth--and Barnum knows it.


While the mansion has many deep scars from the years of social unrest and disrepair, Barnum has steadily restored the mansion room by room. Despite the scorch marks on the floor and the torn wallpaper, the Bazaar still retains an air of grandeur.


Barnum employs eight full-time mercenaries to help guard the Bazaar. Three are stationed as lookouts from the upper floor bedrooms while the others are scattered throughout various hiding places in the Bazaar itself, including posing as patrons. Barnum has posted large signs around the showroom reading: WARNING: YOU ARE IN THE SITES OF FOUR GUNMEN AT ALL TIMES. ONE FALSE MOOVE & BLAM-O!!!

Haverford keeps six prostitutes on the premises at all times. Each girl has her own room but is required to pay rent.


Through years of scavenging and shrewd trade, Barhum has built the Bazaar up so it now rivals many of the MPD's larger warehouses. It is primarily known for stocking three unique categories of goods: fresh food grown and harvested in the Western Wastes, a wide assortment of guns and ammunition, and prostitutes.

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