Rivertown South

Rivertown South Rivertown South is the southernmost area of the city controlled by the MPD.



Rivertown South is bounded by water to the north by the Juneau River and to the east by Lake Lawrence. The western border follows the remnants of an old highway, separating it from the area known as the Southwest Reaches. The southern border is ill-defined, roughly terminating where an old residential neighborhood once existed.


At one point, Rivertown was a booming port city. Ships would dock in this portion of the city to unload their wares for shipment around the middle west. Many factories and other industrial businesses were located in this area as well, in addition to some low-cost housing. As with most industrial parts of major cities, Rivertown South always struggled with issues of crime and poverty.

Rivertown South became a veritable ghost town well before the city's fall. As the global economy sank deeper into depression, industry ground to a halt and tenants were either driven from their homes or fled the debt collectors who became a permanent fixture of the neighborhood. Arson was common before the larger fires that consumed Rivertown Central and North but attending to this area had long been a low priority for politicians and government services.


Rivertown South has not changed as dramatically as other parts of Rivertown. Many homes are intact, though long stripped of anything useful. Unlike the rest of the city, the MPD has gone to great lenghts to alter the landscape by razing and hauling away several blocks of dilapitated buildings surrounding their headquarters, the Rock.


Squatters avoid Rivertown South because most of the area is within a clear sight line of the Rock's soaring tower, where snipers have free license to practice their aim on moving targets. Coupled with the dearth of scavengeable items in the area, the inherent danger of exploring the area outweighs any potential reward.

Notable Places

- The Rock
- Zeidler Bridge

The Rivertown Compendium draws from the much larger Rivertown Chronicles, a wide assortment of personal narratives and catalog entries of people, places, and things.