The Rock (MPD Southern HQ)

The Rock The Rock is the southernmost headquarters for the MPD and also serves as their training facility.



The Rock complex, which takes up three square city blocks, is centrally located in the Rivertown South. The surrounding two blocks in every direction were razed to the ground and the debris hauled away, adding to the Rock's austere and formidable presence.


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The Rock was formerly a manufacturing plant for automation controllers and similar items. It now serves as a campus for MPD training and as the main arsenal for the MPD's stockpile of weapons, armor, and ammunition.

The Rock served as a safe haven for survivors of the superflu and against marauding gangs bent on scavenging and destruction. Augustus Reichman based his fledgling Public Defense Squad (PDS) from this location, later inviting Marshall Johnson through the barricade along with his stockpile of weapons, which were gradually transferred in total to the Rock. The Rock became the de facto headquarters of the emerging MPD and was the base from which Project Reclamation was launched.

As the MPD continued to grow, various functions of the Rock were outsourced: Summerland became the central housing location, Ol' Federal became the administrative hub, and the Tombstone became the penitentiary. Today the Rock serves as the primary training facilty for recently enrolled guards, providing housing and food for the trainees as well as the support staff.


Due to a well-armed group of protectors, the Rock is in pristine condition having been saved from the rioting and fires that destroyed most of the city. As part of their training, guards are assigned long hours of cleaning detail in the barracks, lavatories, and cafeteria. First-time visitors to the Rock often comment on the eerie quality of the Rock, remarking that it seems as if the building had been frozen in time.


A small contingent of support staff and drill instructors. Otherwise the inhabitants of the Rock are classes of guards completing the mandator two-year training cycle.

General Marshall Johnson resides at the Rock, having converted a portion of the top floor into a lavish living quarters.


Most of the Rock is empty, sparsely furnished and unadorned. Even the accomodations of the permanent staff are spartanly decorated. The training grounds feature little else but ragged dummies used for target practice and bullet-riddled walls. The entire facility seems to echo.

The iconic clocktower allows watch guards to scout for miles in any direction. Armed with high-powered sniper rifles, they have a standing order to shoot any confirmed non-MPD tresspasser approaching the Rock.

The basement houses the vast MPS arsenal behind a series extremely well-guarded vault doors. Sentry stations erected at each corner feature M2 Browning .50 caliber machine guns, mounted behind a wall of sandbags. The floors, walls, and ceilings also contain explosives which can be detonated in the unlikely event of a break-in.

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