Summerland Summerland is the largest MPD-controlled settlement in Rivertown, home to several hundred guards and civilians divided into four districts.



Summerland MapThe Summerland grounds are located in the southernmost section of Rivertown Central, bounded to the east by Lake Lawrence and to the south by the river.

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There are four districts within the Summerland grounds. The Grudow District is a thin strip that runs south to north along the lakefront; the Marcus District is in the southeast corner, across from the Riverside District. Lukowski Terrace is a six-story, 80-unit building that overlooks the river on one side and on the other Summerland and the Lake Lawrence.


The first MPD settlement at the Rock was quickly becoming overcrowded, and the MPD leadership wanted more distance between the MPD training facility and the guards families. In a demonstration of their growing power, the MPD marched one mile north across the river and cleared the area of any scavengers, setting up housing in the remnants of garages and warehouses in what would become known as the Riverside District, overseen by the influential Lukowski family who moved into the high-rise condo renamed Lukowski Terraces. Over time as the settlement grew, more inhabitants moved into the shell of a semi-destroyed amphitheater in the Marcus District. With the best real estate already claimed, newcomers to Summerland formed the Grudow District using scrap materials to build improvised shelters.


Summerland is a heterogeneous settlement with each district having its own unique characteristics.

  • Lukowski Terraces is home to most of the Lukowski family and their most powerful friends, and whose opulance and creature comforts steadily increase from the street level units up to the six-floor penthouse belonging to Barrett Lukowski. Summerland residents are only allowed in the Terraces on official business, an extremely rare occurrence.

  • Riverside houses the "middle-and-upper-class" of Summerland who enjoy their status as the longest established settlement in Rivertown, and revel in their proximity to Lukowski Terraces. Most of the dwellings in Riverside are structures such as garages and warehouses that are either single occupancy or have been partitioned to accommodate multiple tenants. Crude plumbing supplies many of the homes with running water.

  • Marcus is the most diverse of the settlements, ranging from the ramshackle dwellings surrounding the main structure, an old amphitheater that now acts as an open-air settlement. Individuals plots inside the structure can contain as little as a footlocker and a cot to two-tiered structures with a living area on the ground and a lofted sleeping quarters.

  • The Grudow District is a shanty town slum. The perimeter of the district is poorly patrolled and the fence line has countless holes and access points. Though officially illegal, drugs and other contraband flows freely through the Grudow District, and there is plenty of job opportunies for prostitutes and mercenaries. It has been stated that up to 20% of the residents of the district are illegal immigrants with no official ties to the MPD.


All inhabitants of Summerland are, according to the MPD, the only legal citizens of Rivertown and number in the area of 500-600. This excludes any illegal squatters in Grudow. As citizens, they are expected to perform some service for the public good. For most males and some females, this means enlisting as guards in the MPD. After the mandatory training period, many guards are assigned to reserve duty and perform administrative functions such as message carrier, bookkeeper, or clerk in the Inventory department at either Ol' Federal to the north or the Rock to the south, both of which are only one mile away from Summerland.

Those not employed directly by the MPD proper work in laundry services, food preparation, and sanitation jobs located in the warehouses adjacent to Summerland. A minority ply their trade as professional scavengers.

The inhabitants of Lukowski Terraces use the location as a headquarters for business operations, as they are some of the most powerful and influential members of the Greater Rivertown area.


Due to the tight living conditions, most people do not accumulate much material wealth because they have no place to store it. Besides their uniforms and standard issue weapons, individuals store little besides a few changes of clothes, specialty food items, mementos and other personal effects.

Petty theft is rampant in Grudow, uncommon in Marcus, rare in Riverside, and unheard of in Lukowski Terrace.

The Rivertown Compendium draws from the much larger Rivertown Chronicles, a wide assortment of personal narratives and catalog entries of people, places, and things. Special thanks to Kat Grudowski for the original entry on Summerland.