Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson (born 4 April 2086) is Commander of the MPD and daughter of General Marshall Johnson. She has dedicated her life to the MPD and has little time for personal relationships, but her commitment to her guards makes her extremely popular among the rank-and-file.


Early life and family

Ellen was born in the Lakeview neighborhood to Marshall and Sarah Johnson but has no memory of their large house as the family moved into the Rock during the years of social unrest following her birth. The move proved to be a wise one as the house and surrounding blocks caught fire and burned to the ground mere months after the Johnsons fled. She had a lonely childhood as few children lived in the Rock in those early days and her parents tried to keep her sheltered from the horrors happening outside the walls.

Her military training began in her tween years. Her father first resisted her desire to learn how to shoot and fight, but her tenacity made him realize he was fighting a losing battle. Her mother Sarah became gravely ill with what was suspected to be breast cancer when Ellen was in her early teens, and after this event Ellen turned her attention fully to the art of combat.


Disposition and traits

Ellen is serious without being humorless, pragmatic and direct in her dealings with others. Her bluntness can rub people the wrong way, particularly other members of the Four Families, who expect her to be more diplomatic in her dealings with them. She avoids mixing with other Family members as much as possible and they regard her as a cold-hearted brute of a woman.

Despite her stoic exterior, Ellen possesses a dark sense of humor and cares deeply about the guards under her charge. She makes a concerted effort to fraternize with even the greenest recruits, joking and listening to their ideas and suggestions. Behind closed doors, Ellen can lose her patience and temper quickly and becomes frustrated easily with what she views as pointless political wrangling between Family members. She argues passionately with her father over strategies and guard deployments, believing that he too often places her guards in harm's way without due cause.

Goals and motivations

Though Ellen is not a social climber and hates politics, she wants to inherit her father's position as general whenever he leaves his post, and often daydreams about becoming the Commander-in-Chief of the MPD so she could make sweeping changes throughout the organization. She does not let these ambitions impact her daily routine beyond doing her job to the best of her ability. She believes that through honest dealings and hard work she will earn the trust and loyalty of those she leads.

In the short-term, she is committed to executing her orders with efficiency even if she doesn't necessarily agree with them. While her father repeatedly beseeches her to "move upstairs" and get away from the dangers of life on the streets, Ellen won't hear of it. She feels strongly that in order to lead effectively she must understand the day-to-day experiences of the guards and will often accompany guards on their missions as a way of keeping her father honest about the dangers of serving in the MPD.

Primary residence

Ellen has kept her childhood room at the Rock that holds a few of her possessions, though she splits time between there and several other locations around Rivertown, especially the Tombstone which, for her, embodies the MPD guard experience. Despite repeated offers from Captain Lucien Nessman, she has refused to reserve a permanent room in his facility, insisting that she not be given any preferential treatment in terms of housing or rations.

Attributes and abilities

Ellen is physically fit, alert, and trained in combat. See the Game Notes for her stats.


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