Otto Stokes

Otto Stokes (born 12 August 2071) is a scavenger and lifelong resident of Rivertown.


Early life and family

Otto Stokes was born and spent his childhood in Laurie Park, a working class neighborhood in the western portion of Rivertown North. He attended technical college and received an associates degree in Process Technology. He married his high school sweetheart, Melissa, and with her had two children, Darius and Odessa, or "Little Odie."

The global economic downturn hit Laurie Park earlier and harder than many other Rivertown neighborhoods and many of Otto's closest friends and family members lost their jobs. Large scale demonstrations were held in the nearby Kenned Heights neighborhood, which in turn led to conflicts with police. When the superflu hit Rivertown, it spread through the close living quarters quickly and with deadly results. In the span of two short weeks, Otto had lost his wife and son to the disease along with much of his extended family; he and his daughter Odie did not contract the disease, through what Otto believes was a random genetic resistance.

Otto, a loving husband and doting father, fought hard to keep his daughter safe from the dangers of a rapidly deteriorating world. The close knit community of Laurie Park disintegrated as the long-time residents passed away and more drifters passed through, looking to steal what they could. Otto took to keeping Odie inside, out of sight, while he scavenged and returned one tragic day to see the entire apartment complex engulfed in flames. For a short time Otto scoured all of Odie's old haunts--the playgrounds and local Kwik 'N Go store where she'd buy sodas and candy--before subconsciously conceding that she too had been taken from him. Something in his mind came unhinged and he fled Rivertown North as he attempted to wipe his losses from his memory.

Disposition and traits

Otto is a bundle of contradictions: he is incredibly warm and loving, but the horrors he's seen while scavenging the streets makes him suspicious of others. As a scavenger he is incredibly resourceful and methodical--even mechanical--in his everyday approach to life. He sees the value of having a partner, particularly in that it gives him a second pair of eyes for scouting out danger and a second pair of hands for scavenging. Unfortunately, it also means a second stomach to feed.

He both desperately craves yet rejects human connections. All of his loved ones died prematurely and without peace, and Otto suffers badly from post-traumatic stress disorder. He sleeps poorly and often has difficulty differentiating dreams from reality, believing he is seeing his loved ones with him again. As a coping mechanism, Otto lives as though he is watching himself from outside his own body, referring to himself in the third person. Establishing connections with others reduces this phenomenon, a fact that attracts and repulses him in equal measure.

Goals and motivations

Otto is a fighter by nature by his daily goal is stay alive as a way of honoring his deceased family members who did not survive, though he has begun to question his devotion to survival in the face of a cruel and uncaring world. Even the tenuous bonds he's formed with strangers have ended in either betrayal or violent death, often attributed not to carelessness but rather bad luck. Otto lives his life assuming that one day his number will come up and he'll be plucked from this world.

He can imagine a new society forming based around peace and love, but he can't imagine how the people scrounging through the ruins can get from here to there. He hates and fears the MPD guards, and practically has made a career out of staying out of their path.

Primary residence

Otto fled Rivertown North to escape all the reminders of his family. He prefers skulking around Rivertown Central, never staying in one place for more than two nights. He will skirt the border of Rivertown South and the river, but does not cross over.

Attributes and abilities

Otto survives through alerness and conflict avoidance. He knows a little about a lot and has a sixth sense when it comes to danger. See the Game Notes for his stats.


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