Rickard Posten

Rickard Posten Rickard Oswald Posten (born 13 September 2086) is a rank-and-file guard in the MPD.


Early life and family

Rickard Posten was born in Oakwood, a working class neighborhood in Rivertown South, though he has no memory of the world before its apocalyptic fall. His father, Derek Posten, worked as a security guard for R&R Security and was one of the founding members of both the PDS and then the MPD; the family was also one of the first to move from the Rock to the then-new settlement of Summerland, a process Rickard only remembers vaguely.

By all rights, the family should have been well-placed to ride the rising tide of MPD power in Rivertown given Derek's position and the family's apparent immunity to the superflu virus; however, Derek abused alcohol and rundown and was a complusive gambler. With his booming voice and loutish behavior, made both friends and enemies, but the community's patience with him quickly wore thin as he was at the root of several domestic disputes involving him striking his wife and child. Because he was well-liked in some quarters, and because he was a competent and obedient guard, his behavior was tolerated though the family was required to move several times, each time to the outskirts of the growing settlement.

Life changed dramatically for Rickard in 2097 when he lost both parents in quick succession. His mother contracted superflu-b and, rather than facing her family's explusion from Summerland, drowned herself in the Juneau River. Five months later during the early stages of Project Unification, Derek Posten was killed by a bullet through the back of his head. While the teenaged Rickard was told his father died charging a fortified position, he heard conflicting accounts and has reason to suspect that his father had indeed been killed by friendly fire, perhaps even intentionally for unpaid gambling debts.

With this news Rickard applied for enrollment to the MPD. Given the extenuating circumstances and his father's tarnished legacy, he was accepted even though he had not reached his 17th birthday. Rickard, who insisted to be called by his last name as both a badge of honor and shame, repaid the favor by receiving excellent marks, though he did not graduate in time to take part in Project Unification, the MPD's greatest victory.

Disposition and traits

Posten is plagued by the sense of having just missed out. He feels that his father squandered the opportunity for the family and, if the world were just, he would have entered the MPD at the rank of corporal. Though he can't prove anything, he also feels as though officials within the MPD who did like his father have made an effort to derail his career by giving him trying appointments and allowing his peers to be promoted ahead of him. Despite this resentment of the nepotism and cronyism within the MPD, Posten feels a strong devotion to other guards serving on the front lines of the MPD.

He tries to follow his orders to the letter without complaint not because of his belief in the cause, but rather because he fears the capricious nature in which the nebulous rules of the MPD are enforced. He believes that by obeying orders he can keep the hammer from falling on him even if his suspicions about his father's enemies are true.

Goals and motivations

Posten believes with enough hard work he can achieve a better position within the hierarchy of the MPD, such as his dream job in Inventory. and restore honor to the Posten name, perhaps passing a more positive legacy onto a son, should he ever have a family.

He takes solace in the comradery with other male guards and, when he can afford it, he slips away to Barnum's Bazaar to enjoy a prostitute. He is very careful with his rations and abstains from all alcohol and drugs.

Primary residence

Posten has retained his family home, which rests inside the borders of the Grudow District, near the unofficial border with the Marcus District. The two-bed shack is tidy but dirty, and Posten has in the past rented the second bed to other guards.

Attributes and abilities

Sharp witted and sharp tongued, Posten is a well-honed soldier as well. See the Game Notes for his stats.


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