Terrence Rabeneck

Terrence Rabaneck (born 25 September 2082) is a Lukowski-appointed sergeant in the MPD. He is married to Alcy Lukwoski and is son-in-law to Barrett Lukowski.


Early life and family

Terrence Rabaneck was born in Winnetag, a small industrial town two hours north of Rivertown to parents who both worked in a paper plant, his mother in management and his father as a machinist. A promotion for his mother meant the familed moved south to Sweetwater when he turned 10, and the family had hardly gotten settled before the world started to collapse. The family took shelter in their well-fortified home and Terrence whiled away the days keeping track of current events on the Internet before their connection permanently dropped. Then he spent his time reading from the family's sizeable library.

Though the family had a large supply of food, claustrophobia and restlessness set in and the family ventured out into Sweetwater, finding the city to be either locked up fast or already scavenged, but apparently deserted. They grew accustomed to venturing out to forage and did so for years without incident, until Terrence's mother died exploring an abandoned building when the ceiling caved in. Terrence and has father carried on through their grief, but noted a sudden influx of ragged visitors passing through Sweetwater. Reasoning that survivors must be congreating in the city, the pair headed east, traveling by night.

Due to their caution, they made it to the city safely, making it all the way to Summerland. Because they had brought backpacks full of supplies and his father's skill with machinery, they were granted citizenship. Like his father, Terrence worked hard and made him useful around the growing community in the years leading up to the MPD's major offensive, Project Unification. On his 17th birthday, Terrence enrolled in the MPD but his hopes for being a combat hero were foiled as the major portions of Project Unification were completed the year he entered the Rock. During his time in training he lost his father, who was killed in an accident installing solar cells in the settlement.

Terrence did well for himself following his graduation by keeping his chin up. His agreeable personality and easy going attitude won him many friends and he became something of an unofficial procurement specialist due to his skill scavenging the ruins of the city. He gambled frequently and won so often he became an unsanctioned reseller of alcohol and cigarettes, a business gently and quietly shut down by senior guards once they got wind of it. He was assigned guard duty at the annual Thanksgiving feast for the Four Families at Mansion Inn when he caught the eye of Alcy Lukowski, an attendee. They flirted, a courtship ensued, and with her father Barrett Lukowski's approval, soon married. As a wedding gift of sorts, Terrence was promoted to sergeant, performing all kinds of odd jobs and information collection for his father-in-law.

Disposition and traits

Terrence is the quintessential people person, someone who relates to others very easily and is instantly likable. From his avid reading, he feels he is an apt student of the human condition and has little trouble reading people and bringing them around to his viewpoint. While most people would describe him as a nice guy, he also has an edge to his personality, enjoys black humor, and can be quickly roused to anger. This can work to his advantage as an unexpected flash of temper can make people want to appease him.

Terrence views life philosophically and lives by the golden rule, not wanting to hustle or cheat anyone but rather meet his goals through superior strategy and tactical thinking. He understands and appreciates the benefits he receives from being part of a Family and often feels guilty about the lucky hand fate dealt him when he sees so much suffering around him. Through his connections Terrence has a constant supply of alcohol, favoring whisky and red wine, and is prone to bouts of depressive drinking when the weight of reality wears him down. He cares deeply for his wife and would do anything for her.

Goals and motivations

Terrence does not want to squander his good fortune and does his best to serve both the MPD and the Lukowski family with honor and diligence. The nature of his work and the petty in-fighting between Families drags him down at times, but he does his best to remember that life outside the fence of Summerland is crushingly difficult and will do everything in his power to keep the evilness he has seen on the streets from creeping into the settlement.

Though he keeps his thoughts to himself, he would like to see changes in the MPD structure to provide a higher quality of living for a greater number of people. Through his work and connections, he has gleaned that the settlement may soon be facing a food shortage, yet this hasn't abated the steady flow of goods to the Four Families, a fact that eats at him constantly.

Primary residence

Terrence lives in a very comfortable condo in Lukowski Terraces in Summerland.

Attributes and abilities

Terrence is clever and charismatic and reads people well. See the Game Notes for his complete stats.


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